TEI 2013 - Barcelona, Design Challenge about "Celebration"
Chairman: Bill Verplank
Team project with Daniele Bovolenta and Marco Righetto
Built with Arduino and Processing

Cheers!, is an interactive musical installation that tries to enrich the experience of celebrating through its basic yet very common gesture: making a toast.

How could this basic behavior become more engaging, in order to give the celebration a new perspective?

The installation evokes a typical venetian moment, the aperitif, where people meet up in the hot summer nights in the wonderful and crowded little squares of the city, called campi. There, the venetian bars, offer clients a wide range of wines and the act of celebrating becomes something very natural and spontaneous.

(Prototype demonstration at TEI 2013 - Barcelona)

How does it work?

Obviously, as more users interact with Cheers! as more complex and unexpected the melody will be, generating a fun and engaging environment.

The system is composed by a small circuit inside the glasses that include: an LED connected to a reed switch, a transistor and a battery. The reed switch turns the lights on and off according to the distance to magnetic field generated by the magnet embedded in the table. Aside the magnet, in the table are also embedded toggles contacted to the Arduino that control the activation of the sounds.