Lab. Interaction Design, IUAV, Venice
Profs. Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor
Team project with Silvia Boscolo and Marco Righetto
Built with Flash AS3

Semifinalist at Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2010, mobile category

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Imagine a world in which Napoleon did not lose at Waterloo; imagine 1920s Venice, a French colony, is France’s gate to the East; imagine extraordinary technology developments… Madeleine is a mobile application, accessed by G-Phone (an hypothetical old mobile phone), that allows users to recall memories in an intimate way. In this project I paid special attention to the graphic interface and I realized the menu flow with Flash AS3.

The interface is based on the metaphor of the attic, a place where people store objects that remind them of important moments of their life.

The graphic is strongly influenced by the Surrealist art movement, born in the 1920, that give to the application a dreamlike feeling, reflecting the way memories often come to us in a incoherent way, modified by dreams and thoughts.