Lab. Interaction Design, IUAV, Venice
Profs. Philip Tabor and Gillian Crampton Smith
Team project with Silvia Boscolo and Alberto Moro
Built with Arduino and Processing

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Memento is a public installation that connects people who cross Ramo de Ca’ Dario alley and former owners of Dario Palace in Venice. This is one of the most mysterious palaces in Venice because since 1500 all its owners died in misery or violently.

The experience starts thanks to an audio guide, located on the wall of Ca’ Dario, which introduces people to the history of the palace. When the conditions are satisfied the guide changes its behaviour and rings like a telephone, catching the attention of the users and giving them the possibility to recall (or not) one of the palace’s “victims” by answering the call. If the user doesn’t pick up the receiver the ring will stop.

If the user answers the phone one of the old owners of Ca’ Dario is selected randomly by the system and his or her presence becomes visible through the animation of objects or light effects. The information is communicated more explicitly only at the end of the experience with the apparition of the name of the person and the date of death.